Google Tasks is easily the most underrated Google app

Even though there is a robust network of third-party app developers on Android, some of my favorite apps come from Google itself. It’s probably no surprise that I spend a ton of my time — both on my phone and on my computer — in apps like Gmail, Calendar, and YouTube, but there’s another Google app that I rely on which probably doesn’t make it on many home screen setups, and that is Google Tasks.

I’ll give you a minute to clean up the coffee you probably just spit up after reading that sentence, but I meant it. I think Google Tasks is one of the most underrated Google apps available, though there are certainly many others that could make this claim. Like my colleague Ara Wagoner, I, too, have a soft spot in my heart for Google Keep, but as much value as I get from that app, several days may go by between using it. That’s just not the case for Google Tasks. It’s the low-key top-level productivity app for me.

What is Google Tasks?

Google Tasks is an easy-to-use, relatively basic task manager and to-do list maker that is freely available across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and web. Launched in 2008, it has been around in some form or fashion for about as long as Android itself, though it started as a web-first application.

There are many competing productivity apps for personal and professional use that you’re probably more familiar with, even though Tasks is basically built-in to Gmail and the Google Workspace platform. I myself have used much more robust apps like Todoist, Evernote, and Asana, and while those apps have a ton of useful features, ultimately, I discovered that I wasn’t really using them that often. Instead, I’ve found that Google Tasks can handle all of my basic reminder needs, and along the way, I’ve discovered ways in which it has added some impressive and even complex boosts to my productivity.

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